Ved Bhawan is most popular for Yagyas. Under Vedic Yagya Programme Ved Bhawan organizes Yagyas to help individuals, companies, societies and nations. With help of more than 3000 university educated Pandits with experiences of Yagyas do Yagya at 37 Centers and authentic Temples throughout India.
The word "Yagya" (also written as Yajna and Yagna) literally means fire sacrifice, however it is basically a name of whole ritual in which Mantras for a particular purposes in high quantity are recited, Hawan (fire sacrifice) is done, Vedic Stotras (Prayers) are chanted and Gods, Goddesses and Planets are worshipped to reach you benefit for the purpose that is sworn on your name.
Ved Bhawan International is a registered multi-national organization for Vedic Education, Research & Services. Ved Bhawan is world's most popular organization for Yagyas. With help of more than 3000 educated Pandits and several hundreds of scholars Ved Bhawan helps people of more than 137 countries seeking help to solve problems and gain nature support in life.
Planets drive our lives. Depending on our good and bad karma, they cause us to celebrate or suffer at a time. In a horoscope your planets and their tendencies are analyzed and appropriate remedy is established. In a Yagya, that remedy is materialized. Yagya works on theory of Resonance of mantras which creates a resonance filter around you to protect you from planetary negativities.  
High Capacity Yagyas are the exclusive Yagyas discovered by Ved Bhawan to reach you greater benefits, faster result, much higher income and to help a group of people. This extremely complex kind of Yagyas work on basis of Auto-Acceleration Theory that helps you achieving higher results. This is specially for those people who run big businesses, who have high profile profession or who need a high profile partner in life.
Daily Yagyas (DY) is a special kind of Yagyas introduced by Ved Bhawan meant for continuous Support and energy for longer duration. These Yagyas are meant to be long-term Yagyas where you pay per month and we do non-stop Yagya daily for example for 1 year and this reaches you continue income or luck.
MahaMarityunjaya is an another name of Lord Shiva who wins the death or who masters longevity of mankind. Doing Yagya for Mahamrityunjaya rescues lives in danger for any reason such as accident, planetary causes, enemies, crminals or even by government agencies.   
Durga or Mother Divine Durga is the mother of all Gods and Goddesses. She is incarnated with combine power of all Deities. She is giver of power, victory, prosperity, love and enlightenment. Navratri is her special period for Yagyas and doing Yagya assures faster and increases results for all purposes. Ved Bhawan includes her mantras and Path in several hundreds of Yagyas.
Ved Bhawan doesn't allow anyone to wear the yellow cloths and participate in Yagya as Pandit. We accept and appoint only those Pandits for Yagyas who have master's degree in Veda's or allowable Sanskrit subjects, who have passed our qualification interviews, who have experiences of Yagya performances and who can survive with our long-day Yagyas to work in team.
Hanuman is a the son of Shiva and is believed to be the god of power. He is specially worshipped to win enemies, help in problems and litigations and protection from Black-magic, spells and evil spirits.  
Yagyas done at a specific temple, pilgrim and centers are more powerful. Several of our Yagyas Centers are located with the temples, the court of God and they help us perform Yagyas with success and higher results.  
The are several Yagyas or mantras those are complex and need particular expertise in it. Ved Bhawan has at least at group of Pandits available at 1 Yagya Center that performs your Yagya as the requirements are. Some heavy and complex Yagyas need Particular Pandits in that expertise and that is fulfilled by those experts.  
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  • Navratri is the 9 nights' period of Mother Divine Durga. Goddess Durga is the combined power of all Gods and Goddesses and therefore is also called Mother Divine and Shakti (Power). Moreover she has different representative Goddesses also called Shakti who discharge their assigned duties by Durga. Durga is believed to be giver of everything from Health to protection and from income to ambitious success. In these 9 days or literally 9 nights Goddess Durga is widely worshiped. It is believed and experienced that Yagyas done or at least started during these days, get extra strength and faster results. As usual, in this Navratri too Ved Bhawan high amount of Yagyas for all purposes. 
    The main Navratri shall be celebrated this year from 25th September to 21-28 March 2015 and is very auspicious for all Yagyas but specially for - 

    -- For good health and prevention of health problems
    -- For Saving form dangers, evils and ghosts
    -- For getting married specially in difficult situations
    -- For saving love or marriage
    -- For help or victory in court cases
    -- For help in marital litigation
    -- For ambitious income & Ambitious post
    -- For improving business & business income
    -- For help in buying / selling property
    -- For success & prosperity in life
    -- For help in secret and complicated health issues
    -- For spiritual power, motivation & enlightenment
    -- For gaining ambitious money
    -- For help in getting (desired) child
    -- For family peace and protection
    -- For removal of all kinds of curses

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  • High Capacity Yagya™
    is a Service Mark and a unique system of very high powered Yagya by Ved Bhawan. It is a combination of many strongest & complex mantras, their combinations and very complex procedure of rituals those are even 20 times more in quantity, power and energy so that it can reach fast and huge benefit to our member and can protect / benefit one or more persons at a time. These High Capacity Yagyas are meant for High Volume and multiple income,  for High Profile Professionals such as Musicians, Artists, Doctors, Architects, Advocates and Self-Employes Professionals, for businesses, society and governments. Read More. See High Capacity Yagya Lists for more than 1200 High Capacity Yagyas:
    -- For help in emergency and severe dangers for faster and far stronger help
    -- To help a group of people such as a family, a company, a village or a nation
    -- For an income that is above average (more than $60000 a year)
    -- For help in arranging / gaining high amount of money
    -- For help in buying a desired property at favorable price
    -- For help in selling personal or business properties
    -- For success in (high level) litigation & damage claims
    -- For help in minimizing punishment or preventing arrest
    -- For finding a high profile or desired partner
    -- For saving love or marriage
    -- For higher goals than ordinary individuals
    -- For grabbing a high profile job / position
    -- For help in matter of business and companies
    -- For help in higher or professional spiritual goals
    -- For help in winning a business contract

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